Uploading Coupons

If you'd like to create a new batch, click “Add New Batch."



Or, if you’d like to edit an existing one, click the name of the batch to start editing. 


Note: The max number of coupons per batch is 20 million. You may continue to upload coupons to a batch until you reach this limit. Any unsent coupons that exceed the “send by” date will be purged from the batch at that time. 


For new batches, be sure to enter a unique batch name. For existing batches, that name will already be filled in. Next, upload your CSV File. 



Next, enter or edit your “fallback” code for your batch (e.g. “savebig”). This static code will be used in place of a unique code should your batch run out of codes at any point. With this fallback in place, recipients will still receive a code, even if your batch runs out. 



Next, enter or edit when you’d like to be notified that your batch is running low, so you can upload more coupons. You can do this by designating a threshold. For example, if you enter 50, you’ll be notified when 50 codes remain. 



Finally, enter or edit any email addresses you’d like us to notify when your batch is running low. You can add multiple addresses by separating them with a space, comma or semicolon. 


Save the batch. The upload process may take several minutes depending on the number of codes. You can close this pop up at any time, regardless of how much progress has been made, or add a new batch. 



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