Version 15.08 - April 30, 2020

Version 15.08.00 release includes improvements and bug fixes.  In addition, preparation for future new features continues.    

New Features

  • None


  • Subscriber Details: Update to include Email Snapshots from WebServices API sends
  • Tracking Metadata:  If disabled for realm, Hide Browser Data options in:
    • Campaign Report Wizard, Scheduled Campaign Report Wizard
    • Event Wizard, Scheduled Event Wizard
    • Segmentation Builder
  • Relational: "Delete" should remove column from table
  • Usage Report: Change references from Account to Realm


  • Announcements: Date Picker displays behind modal
  • API FTP: Handle unexpected error on some files
  • API Webservices: Call does not create snapshot for sticky list with no prior campaign
  • Automation Campaign Builder: In Deploy Action, do not show Archived Templates as available to select
  • List Definition: Prevent deleting a Definition associated to an Automation Campaign (single and bulk)
  • Templates: Prevent deleting a Template associated to an Automation Campaign (single and bulk)
  • Relational:
    • Cannot activate table if field is marked for deletion
    • Export does not honor date format selection
  • Standard Reports:
    • "Inactive Subscribers" returns incorrect results
    • "Inactive Subscribers" report not populating Last Event and Event Date columns
  • Create Subscriber: Inaccurate error message when Customer Key left blank (Bin)


  • None
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