Version 15.09 - May 15, 2020

Version 15.09.00 release includes improvements and bug fixes. The new Coupon Manager is available. In addition, preparation for future new features continues.    

New Features


  • Layout Editor: Add hover image preview to Image Properties
  • Logo: Update for OSG branding


  • Announcements: Unable to expand to see details
  • Automation Campaign: Duplicate Subscribers created after datacheck
  • Campaign Report Wizard: Cancel button goes to wrong dashboard
  • Layout Editor:
    • Hover image preview attempts to run on folders
    • Select button disabled in Image Properties modal
  • Event Wizard: Cancel button goes to wrong dashboard
  • Lists: FTAF option "Use list from address..." not honored
  • Super List: Unable to add Member Lists
  • Realm Edit: Cannot edit Security Settings
  • Standard Reports Fail to return results


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