Validating Browse Behavior Tracking Scripts

As you add the various Browse Behavior Tracking Scripts to your site, you will need a means by which you can validate the functionality of the tracking script installation on your site. 

A Validator Page can be accessed by navigating to Customer Care> BTT Validator 


The page includes the following: 

  • Installation Instructions for customers with their key for all environments
  • Site Configuration Information with keys and notification settings
  • A list of all scripts along with any potential issues with that script and recent events that took place with the script (utilizing the 30 day lookback period)

Installation Instructions 

In order to segment on visitor behavior, the WhatCounts Behavioral Track & Trigger code will need to be installed on your website. This may require assistance from a developer familiar with your setup. Typically, this process takes 1- 4 hours, but may take longer if your system is more complex.

Use the link to access Installation Instructions or use this section to email the installation instructions to your Development/IT representative.



You can enter an email address to receive a notification for when we start receiving data from your system (separate multiple emails with commas). 


You also have the ability to open a Support ticket from this page should you run into any issues during the installation. 

Test Installation 

In this section, you can view the last five events (in the past 30 days)  that were tracked using a given script. You will also see if there are any issues with a tracking script should there be one. 

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