Segmenting on Browse Behavior ​

  • The ability to segment on Browse Behavior will now be available from the Create a Standard Rule page.
  • Choose the Browse Behavior option from the Fields Menu.Screen_Shot_2020-06-15_at_2.17.09_PM.png
    • Content is a new section on this sub-menu that provides fields specific to the browse events being tracked.
    • These new fields can be used together or with other existing fields to create the segments needed for the client's use case.
    • Drag the field of choice to the Add Conditions section to begin creating your segment.
  • New segments to trigger browse events against.   Examples of new segments include:  
    • Give me everyone who has looked at this title
    • Give me everyone who has looked at content in this category + this article (title)
    • Give me everyone who has looked at this category + author​​


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