Email Snapshot Batch Push

Email Snapshot Batch Push is a custom process to batch up the email snapshot files on a recurring basis to push to an external location. 

  • The send location can be defined in the FTP Managerftp_add.png
    • Batch files will push hourly, if there are no snapshots, a file will not be created
    • If the location has been changed by the time a batch is picked up for sending, it will send to the new location
    • Batching Customers will receive regular snapshots as well
    • Files sent in the batch can be PNG, HTML or Both 

If you would like to learn more about what Email Snapshot is, please view the following articles:

Email Snapshot Batch Push is enabled at the realm level and can only be enabled by a WhatCounts employee. To inquire about accessing the feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Technical Account Manager.

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