Version 15.14 - July 23, 2020

The 15.14.00 release includes API Support for Labels. Several bugs were also resolved in this release. 

New Features

  • None


  • API Support has now been added for Labels including Launch, Schedule Campaign and Get Emails commands. Please find links to new documentation below. 


  • Forward To A Friend option:The 'From' email address  will now be the 'From Address' defined in the List instead of the 'From' email address used is of the original Subscriber.

  • Task History- FTP API errors are not reported in list of errors: The Task History Details weren't showing the details of the recorded errors related to the ftp api task.


  • Opt Out Subscribers: Page does not validate that a file has been selected

    Previously, no file was uploaded and the opt out process would return successful email optout confirmation with 0 total records processed.

    Now, with this release, clicking Opt-Out button will now result in warning that no file has been selected and will not proceed further.

  • Opt Out Subscribers: Error bar missing X to close

    With this release, we added an X on the opt out error notification banner to allow clients to close it. 

  • On some pages, icons were appearing smushed into an oval shape but now appear correctly as circular icons.


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