Onboarding Overview

Onboarding Dashboard

The Onboarding Dashboard is customized with sections based on your ecommerce configuration; they usually include Data Integration, Design, Training, and other relevant aspects of your technical integration and onboarding project plan. 

Within each section is a set of tasks that need to be completed in order to finish your onboarding; some tasks will be assigned to you, while others will be performed by WhatCounts. You can check the dashboard for a status update on tasks WhatCounts is doing for you.

Data Integration

The Data Integration section is focused on the nuts and bolts of integrating WhatCounts into your existing ecommerce and marketing tools. Your onboarding Project Manager, along with our technical integration team, will handle your data integration.

Once your data integration is complete, you’ll be transitioned to our Client Success team for the next stages of your onboarding process.


During the Design phase of onboarding, your Client Success Manager will help you set up automators and load your branding into WhatCounts.


If you have training included in your WhatCounts package, will receive four training sessions with your Client Success Manager to help you maximize our software’s impact on your marketing.

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