Version 15.16 - August 20, 2020

15.16.00 - 08/20/2020

The 15.16.00 includes Global Opt Out Groups as well as several improvements and resolved bugs.

New Features

  • Global Opt Out Groups
    • Global Opt Out Groups add the ability to group individual realms that share global opt-outs. For instance, if a global opt-out request comes into Realm 1 in Group A, it will be applied to all other realms within that group.  
    • This allows you to store your brands/databases/accounts in separate realms but apply Global Unsubscribe requests across all realms.


  • FTP API: Refactor FTP Subscriber Import (relationalsub)
    • We updated the process for processing a Subscriber Import through FTP accompanied by a Relational Import.

      Now, when performing a Relational Import, the Subscriber Import Task will be ran through the same process as if it was created through the UI so that both processes work the same, regardless of whether through the UI or FTP.


  • We resolved an issue where Email Snapshots were not being created when the template was added in the list. 
  • Additionally, Task IDs for some failed tasks appeared to be reused but this issue has now been resolved
  • Realm ID was added to the following HTTP API Product Feed messages:
    • Deactivate_product success message
    • Deactivate_product failure message
    • Activate_product success message
    • Activate_product failure message
    • Update_product failure message
    • Create_product failure message
  •  Other changes made to HTTP API Messages for Product Feed 
    • Create_product success message indicates Row in database
    • pdate_product success message indicates Row in database


  • None
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