Dashboard Overview

The WhatCounts Dashboard provides key insights into your customer retention efforts. Designed to quickly provide an overview of several key metrics, the Dashboard will help you get the most value out of your WhatCounts package. 
At the top of the WhatCounts Dashboard, two graphs provide an at-a-glance review of your performance in two critical areas: customer retention and customer lifetime value (CLV).

  • Customer Retention Rate: This graph shows the percentage of customers retained over the past 12 months, how that compares to the previous 12 months, and how your current 12-month rate compares to your industry or the WhatCounts client benchmark. (Learn more about Customer Retention Rate.)
  • Customer Lifetime Value by Segment: This chart shows the average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for the past 12 months for different customer segments: 1x Customers (1 purchase), Repeat Customers (2 purchases), and Loyal Customers (3 or more purchases). We also provide the average CLV across all customers. (Learn more about Customer Lifetime Value.)

Revenue and Customer Metrics 

Several key metrics are presented in a bar along with their percent change. This bar can be filtered to show different timeframes ranging from “Yesterday” to “Past 12 months.” Click on any metric (unless you are looking at “Yesterday”) to see trending graphs.
  • Total Revenue: All revenue collected during the selected time period
  • WhatCounts Revenue: Revenue collected from WhatCounts campaigns during the selected time period
  • New Customers: Number of first-time buyers during the selected time period
  • New Repeat Customers: Number of second-time buyers during the selected time period
  • New Loyal Customers: Number of third-time buyers during the selected time period

Recently Activated Campaigns 

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This list provides a quick view of how the three most recently activated campaigns are performing. To see metrics for all campaigns, click through to the Campaigns page.

Product Trends 

Quickly view your top 5 products by 3 key metrics: Revenue, Orders, and Fastest-Rising (highest number of units sold compared to the previous time period). By filtering this data across a variety of timeframes, you can identify trends in your inventory movement. The “Build a Segment” button next to each product creates a new segment of buyers for that product to use within your email marketing platform.

Customer Loyalty 

WhatCounts is designed to help you increase customer loyalty, so the Dashboard presents a number of metrics broken out by loyalty as measured by number of purchases. Each tab can be filtered to select different time periods. Click on a loyalty segment in the graph legend to hide that segment and isolate the data you care about most.

The Loyalty Bar shows how much of your total customer count is made up of each loyalty level.

  • Customer Count: for the selected period, the graph shows how many customers were from each loyalty level
  • Customer Revenue: for the selected period, the graph shows how much revenue was generated by each loyalty level
  • Customer Lifetime Value: for the selected period, the graph shows the customer lifetime value for each loyalty level
    • Customer Lifetime Value on the Dashboard includes orders up to the date range of the chart as the charts compare data month by month or year to year. This is different than the Insights charts, where we show lifetime metrics across all available data regardless of the date range selected.
  • Average Order Value: for the selected period, the graph shows the average order value for each loyalty level
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