Don't worry, this isn't a pop quiz! The Geography insight shows you which countries, regions, or states are generating the most revenue, the most orders, and the highest Average Order Value (AOV) for your store.  Use the date and segment filters at the top of the page to see how geography data is influenced by specific campaigns and/or timeframes. (You can always download this data as a .csv file using the download icon.)

Using geography data to improve your marketing 

Knowing where your customers live helps you target different regions with customized messaging and promotions. As a retailer, you should understand why certain regions are buying more (or less) than others. Using that understanding, you can create automated campaigns to leverage regional buying habits and increase conversions among your most likely buyers.

Important Note: states, countries, and/or regions are only captured if that information is submitted by the customer during the checkout process. Regions only appear on the graph if they have generated at least 2% of the total revenue. Any region responsible for less than 2% will be categorized as “Other.”

Common questions about Geography 

Question: How can I view specific group’s Geography information?
Answer: Use the segment selector at the top of the page to filter data using segments you've built with the Segment Builder.  

Question:  What does the “other” group represent?
Answer:  This includes purchases from regions which represent less than 2% of your orders. States or countries which do not account for at least 2% of your total revenue will be grouped together as "Other." 

Question: Is this information based on billing or shipping information?
Answer: The information is based on billing information. 

Question: Why is one of my AOVs so much larger than the other states/countries?
Answer: Occasionally a country or state may only have a few orders with a large AOV, making it much larger than states/countries which have more orders. Could be opportunity knocking!

Question: Can you give me an examples of how I can analyze/use Geography data? 
Answer: Here are some examples of how you can use Geography in your marketing campaigns:

  1. Create a campaign to target customers who live near your brick and mortar stores.  
  2. Use geography data to identify regions where your best customers live, then target similar regions via automator or social media campaigns to increase engagement. 
  3. If there is a special event or holiday in a particular part of the world, use geography data to target customers with a special message. 
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