Building an Automator Email Template

Instead of creating an automator template in your ESP, you can also set up templates and automators directly in WhatCounts. This gives you access to additional audience metrics and keeps all your data consolidated within the app. Learn more about creating automators in WhatCounts.

Building an automator email template 

In order to create your automator email, begin by choosing one of WhatCount’s templates. Each template has a slightly different design, and can be further customized with your logo, branding, colors, and content.

Once you’ve picked a base template, you can customize both the Email Styles and the Email Content to make it entirely your own.

Customizing Email Styles 

The Email Styles tab includes fields to customize the colors, images, and social media content of your email.

Text & Background Colors - For each content area of the email, you can customize the text color and the background color by entering a 6-digit hexadecimal color code. Your branding team can provide you with the hex codes for your official colors, or use the color picker to select your own colors.

Images - You can add your logo and a hero image to each email. For an automator series, you can customize the hero image for each email, or use the same image again.

Product Image Aspect Ratio - When you include product recommendations, product images will automatically be pulled from your ecommerce data. Enter the aspect ratio used for your product images so that your images are not distorted by the template.

Footer - Add custom text at the bottom of your email.

CAN-SPAM - Customize the lead-in message to your CAN-SPAM unsubscribe information.

Social Icons - Choose social media links to include in the email. Link URLs will automatically be pulled from your Store Settings.

Customizing Email Content 

The Email Content tab includes fields to customize content, coupon codes, and products in your email.

Preheader - Include copy that will preview in some Inboxes and appear at the top of the email.

Title - Title appears below your hero image and above your body copy in large type.

Body Copy - Customize the copy included with your email. You can include plain text, or add some basic HTML formatting to enhance your body copy styles. Read more about HTML formatting for Body Copy

Coupon Code - Include a coupon code to use and track in the email. Once added, you can insert the coupon code merge tag {{Coupon_Code}} into any field, including Subject Line or Body Copy.

Product Options 

Include a video - If checked, you can specify a video URL and preview image to include in the email

Include CTA button - If checked, you can include a Call to Action button below your body copy with a custom label and URL, e.g. See Our Latest Arrivals

Include featured products - If checked, you can include up to 3 featured products. These products can be dynamically chosen based on your store’s best selling items or based on the customer’s previous purchase behavior. Or, you can also select specific featured items from your catalog to include.

Simply including a product in a list of featured products does not guarantee that product will always be recommended to your recipients. Products can drop out of eligibility for recommendation for many reasons, including:

  • If a product gets updated and now does not have a link, image link, title or is missing any other required field to be used by an automator
  • If product now has a duplicate title or duplicate image link
  • If a product goes out-of-stock
  • If a product becomes unavailable

Include recommended products - In addition to featured products, you can also include a few recommended products. These will be dynamically chosen based on the customer’s previous purchases. You can include products often purchased with a previous purchase, products similar to a previous purchase, or a mix of both. The number of products displayed will depend on the available data.

Retailers can choose between showing Hot Combos and/or Related Items:

  • Hot Combo recommendations will display an additional product, even from another category, that customers frequently buy together with the purchased or browsed product (such as coffee beans and coffee filters, or printer paper and toner cartridges). If our algorithm deems that a given previous purchase is related to multiple Hot Combo products and that they're both relevant for the recipient, they will be included in the email.
  • Related Items will display the most popular products (top sellers) in the same category as the customer's most recent purchase or category browsed.

Retailers can choose between showing recommendations based on category or product. If category is selected, the most popular (top-selling) item from the category that the customer viewed is shown. If the customer viewed multiple categories, we show the product from the one that was view most often. If all categories were viewed only once, we show the product from the most recently viewed.

A Note About Price
A common retailer question is whether or not product price is taken into consideration when determining which recommended products are shown to their customers? The answer is "no" — individual product price is not a factor for WhatCount's dynamic product recommendations.

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