HTML Formatting for Body Copy

You can include snippets of HTML to format the Body Copy of an email. Below are some examples of HTML that you can use to add links and styles to your copy. Please note: the email content blocks do not support JavaScript since JavaScript is not supported in emails.

Link tag - <a></a> to define the HTML links and the link address in the href attribute. e.g. <a href="">Click here for more details</a>

Break tag - <br> to create a line break in your content

Bold tag - <b>Bold Text</b> to bold your text

Font Family - <p style="font-family:courier;">Your copy goes here.</p> to change the font to your desired font style for a paragraph

Font Size - <p style="font-size:14px;">Your copy goes here.</p> to change the font size for content area

Text Align - <p style="text-align:center;">Your copy goes here.</p> to set the alignment of the text Work on alignment using, right or left justify

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