Best Customer Automator

Setting up a Best Customer Automator

Acknowledge your most valuable customers automatically with a Best Customer campaign. Send follow-ups to thank them for their purchase, recognize their importance to your business, and show them they are not just seen as a regular customer, but someone special. 

If you've purchased the Predicted Customer Value module, you'll be presented with 2 options when creating a new Best Customer campaign: Standard and Predictive. A Standard campaign utilizes historical purchase data and triggers off when a customer has become a best customer. A Predictive campaign is data science-driven that looks across all customers and triggers off when they are predicted to become a best customer. Select your preferred option in order to create a new Best Customer campaign.

1 - Assign Recipients

The default recipients for a standard Best Customer automator are all buyers that are in the top 25% of your customers with the highest total amount spent and who have most recently made an order. The default recipients for a predictive Best Customer automator are all buyers in the top 25% of customers likely to make the most number of purchases and spend the most over the next 12 months. If you choose to segment your audience, be sure to set up additional automators so that all your buyers are covered.

Use the segmenting tools to target Best Customers based on your preferred conditions. The “Estimate Segment Size” button can help you determine the appropriate size of your segment. If the estimated size seems too small, consider lowering your criteria thresholds.

You can further customize the audience for your Best Customer campaign by clicking the select menu next to “Send this Campaign to” and selecting the option Custom Segment. Use the segment builder to create conditions to narrow your audience. (Read more about how to use the WhatCounts Segment Builder.)

2 - Build & Schedule Emails

Fill in your campaign’s From Address and From Name. You must use a From Address that has been validated by your email service provider in order for emails, including test emails, to successfully send. 

Write the subject line for your emails and schedule when you would like customers to receive them. You can also add additional emails to your campaign on this page by clicking the Add an Email link.

Select and customize a template for each email in your series. Additional emails will inherit styles from Email 1, but they can also be customized as needed. Read more about customizing email templates in WhatCounts.

We recommend using the Smart Send option so that customers receive emails at the same time of day they made a purchase. If you prefer to send at a specific time, use the Email Optimization page in the Insights section of WhatCounts to determine best sending times.

3 - Review Emails

Review your email content and send conditions one last time. Send test emails to yourself or other stakeholders. Choose whether or not you want want to sync the Campaign's audience to a Facebook Custom Audience. When you are ready to activate the campaign, click the “Activate Your Automator” button. Otherwise, click the “I don’t want to activate this automator yet” link to return to the Campaigns page

Answers to Common Best Customer Questions

Question: What are some of the customer groups I should target?
Answer: How you target best customers will depend on your type of business. You might consider customers with both a high CLV and frequent purchases your best customers, or the number of purchases alone might be enough for you to consider them among the best. You might also look to identify high-end products and design a product-based series for the items your best customers often buy. 

Question: How is Best Customer Series different from a normal Thank You email?
Answer: When communicating with your best customers, you should let them know they are part of a select group. Send Best Customer emails from someone specific—a VP, company founder, or department head. 

Question: What is are some creative things people have done in a Best Customer series?
Answer: Provide a special phone number to give your best customers a place only they can go to get help. Send a signed copy of a book written by the owner of the business. Have a cookout for people who live nearby if you have a brick and mortar location. Provide early product release or testing to get feedback from your top customers.

Question: Does the estimated segment size in the custom segment include unsubscribed customers?
Answer: Yes, the estimated size for a custom segment is based on your entire customer base. When the emails are sent via your ESP, customers who have unsubscribed are filtered out.

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