First Purchase Automator

Setting up a First Purchase Automator

A First Purchase Campaign will help you welcome new customers and begin a strong, long-lasting relationship. Automatically thank new customers for their purchase, recognize their importance to your business, and introduce them to who you are and what they have to look forward to. 

1 - Assign Recipients

The default recipients for a First Purchase automator are first purchase buyers. 

You can customize the audience for for your First Purchase campaign by clicking the select menu next to “Send this Campaign to” and selecting the option Custom Segment. Use the segment builder to create conditions to narrow your audience. (Read more about how to use the WhatCounts Segment Builder.)

2 - Build & Schedule Emails

Fill in your campaign’s From Address and From Name. You must use a From Address that has been validated by your email service provider in order for emails, including test emails, to successfully send. 

Write the subject line for your emails and schedule when you would like customers to receive them. The default times are set to 3, 8, and 12 days after first purchase, which is based on standard email marketing best practices. You can also add additional emails to your campaign on this page by clicking the Add an Email link.

Select and customize a template for each email in your series. Additional emails will inherit styles from Email 1, but they can also be customized as needed. Read more about customizing email templates in WhatCounts.

We recommend using the Smart Send option so that customers receive emails at the same time of day they made a purchase. If you prefer to send at a specific time, use the Email Optimization page in the Insights section of WhatCounts to determine best sending times.

3 - Review Emails

Review your email content and send conditions one last time. Send test emails to yourself or other stakeholders. Choose whether or not you want want to sync the Campaign's audience to a Facebook Custom Audience. When you are ready to activate the campaign, click the “Activate Your Automator” button. Otherwise, click the “I don’t want to activate this automator yet” link to return to the Campaigns page

Answers to Common First Purchase Questions

Question: What are some ways to better target First Purchase campaigns?
Answer: Set up First Purchase campaigns that are product or category based. If you have a product (or category) that is very popular or needs instructions, follow up with first purchasers to provide additional information. You can also set up a campaign targeting first purchasers with a high AOV to help establish them as loyal customers. 

Question: When should I manually pick my products?
Answer: If you have a new product release, or if you’re trying to move stock or have a special sale going on, you may want to manually add those products to a campaign. If you create a First Purchase series around a specific product, that’s another time you may want to carefully select which products you promote in your campaign. 

Question: Why only three emails and why those three?
Answer: The three emails included by default (thank you, social and product recommendation) are the foundation of a great First Purchase series. Reminding new customers about your social media encourages them to engage with your brand outside of email alone. While you are encouraged to extend the First Purchase series out to the first few months of engagement with a customer. 

Question: What other ways could I time sending the emails?
Answer: We recommend three, eight and twelve days for your First Purchase series. You might prefer to extend it to five, ten and fifteen depending on the content and products you sell.

Question: Does the estimated segment size in the custom segment included unsubscribed customers?
Answer: Yes, the estimated size for a custom segment is looking at your entire customer base.  Once the emails are sent via your email platform, those who are unsubscribed are filtered out then before the emails go out. 

Question: How often do my emails send out?
Answer: Every 30 minutes, we check your ecommerce platform to see if there are any new purchases meeting your criteria.

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