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Knowing that a significant portion of your revenue comes from a small cohort of customers, send an email when a customer has crossed a key spending threshold. Automatically thank them for their purchase, recognize their importance to your business, and call out key offerings, support, resources, or information that is useful to customers who place large orders.

1 - Assign Recipients 

  • In this first section, use the default setting of all eligible buyers or create a custom segment if you want to target subsets of customers by selecting “a custom segment of buyers” from the “Send this campaign to” dropdown. Doing so will launch WhatCount’s Segment Builder. A custom segment of buyers could be ones who live in certain states or ones who placed items from a certain product category in their cart.
  • Set up the segment conditions so that it targets customers whose amount spent greater than or equal to a number you feel qualifies to be a "big spender." It will be something similar to this:

2 - Build & Schedule Emails 

  • Define your email series’ From Address and From Name
  • Select a template for Email 1
    • On the Email Style tab of the email editor, customize the look and feel of the template by using the controls on this screen to make the template match your branding guidelines.
    • On the Email Content tab of the email editor, define the copy and product recommendation options to best meet the purpose of your email series.
    • For more information about how to use our editor, click here.
    • Use the preview option at the top of the screen to get a feel for different options based on number of product recommendations to display.
    • If you need something more customized to your needs or your brand, you can request a custom template.
    • Create a Subject line and insert a merge tag if needed
    • Define the send trigger
  • You can add additional emails or send a test email, as well, in this step. You can also delete emails if you feel fewer are needed.
  • Set the send times based off when someone met the customer criteria.
    • The default sending time is set to 1 day after the customer’s last purchase.
    • We recommend using the Smart Send option to send a client an email at the last time they made a purchase. If choosing a specific time, use the Email Optimization page in the Insights section of WhatCounts to determine best group sending times.

3 - Review Emails 

  • Review your email series’ content and send conditions one last time. If everything looks good and you are ready to activate this campaign, click the “Activate Your Automator” button. Otherwise, click the “I don’t want to activate this automator yet” link to return to the Campaigns page. You also have options to send test email(s), edit the email, and preview the email.
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