Gift Event Reminder

Setting up a Gift Event Reminder

WhatCount’s Gift Event Reminder automator targets customers that made a purchase predicted to have been a gift purchase within the user-specified timeframe to encourage them to make an additional gift purchase in a timely manner.

The default timeframe will be set to 11 months ago such that customers who purchased predicted gifts 11 months ago will be sent a reminder that the time may be approaching to send the recipient another gift. The ideal use case for the Gift Event Reminder automator is to remind customers of upcoming annual (but non-holiday) gifting events based on their past predicted gift purchase behavior. For instance, if a customer was predicted to have purchased a gift for someone’s birthday last year, remind that customer that the time is approaching to buy a gift for that person’s birthday this year.

1 - Assign Recipients

The default recipients for a Gift Event Reminder automator are all eligible buyers. 

You can customize the audience for your Gift Event Reminder campaign by clicking the select menu next to “Send this Campaign to” and selecting the option Custom Segment. Use the segment builder to create conditions to narrow your audience. (Read more about how to use the WhatCounts Segment Builder.)

The ideal use cases for our Gift Event Reminder automator is to target customers that made purchases for others' birthday or anniversary presents, annual gifting events that are important to them but won't show up on any calendar marketers have access to.

For Magento clients that are passing over order gift message as a custom field, you have the opportunity to create distinct Gift Event Reminder automators specific to the gifting event. For instance, to create a “Birthday Gift Event Reminder” automator, use the segment builder to target only those customers who wrote a gift message that starts with “Happy Birthday”.

2 - Build & Schedule Emails

Fill in your campaign’s From Address and From Name. You must use a From Address that has been validated by your email service provider in order for emails, including test emails, to successfully send. 

Write the subject line for your email(s) and schedule when you would like customers to receive them. You can also add additional emails to your campaign on this page by clicking the Add an Email link.

Select and customize a template for each email in your series. Additional emails will inherit styles from Email 1, but they can also be customized as needed. Read more about customizing email templates in WhatCounts.

Our Gift Event Reminder Automator is designed to key off the previously gifted product and provide relevant gift recommendations based off that product’s category. We recommend...

  • In-category Top Gifted products* from the past 90 days, else
  • Out-of-category top-gifted products* from the past 90 days, else
  • Best-selling in-category products from the past 12 months, else
  • Best-selling out-of-category products from the 12 months

3 - Review Emails

Review your email content and send conditions one last time. Send test emails to yourself or other stakeholders. Choose whether or not you want want to sync the Campaign's audience to a Facebook Custom Audience. When you are ready to activate the campaign, click the “Activate Your Automator” button. Otherwise, click the “I don’t want to activate this automator yet” link to return to the Campaigns page


* Top Gifted determined by number of purchases, and then by revenue in the event of a tie.

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