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Editing a Template 

The Template Editor page opens up to an HTML editor by default where you can make edits to your template. Template edits are not saved immediately. Instead, when you've completed a set of changes, you may choose to save the edits, validate them, or discard them. If you choose to save, the template will be validated, and if there are no problems, those changes will be persisted.

Testing a Template 

WhatCount's Template Editor provides two ways of testing templates: You can preview them in the Editor, or you can launch test sends. Please note that you must validate and save your template before previewing.

In-editor preview is available by clicking the "Show Template Preview" button. When in the preview view, you'll be able to edit any of the user facing fields that you've made available in the template. Please note that these settings will not be reflected when the template is used in a campaign, they are for preview purposes only. Content that you want to be maintained across all campaigns must be coded into the template.

Email test sends are available from the Send Test Emails button on the screen. Clicking that button will give you the option to send a single email with a chosen number of products or send multiple emails to test your template with a variety of product permutations. This is important for testing that your template is fully compatible with WhatCount's product recommendation logic.

Publishing a Template 

When a template is initially created, it will not be available for use in any campaigns. To make the template available, you will need to click the Publish Template button in the Template Editor. After a template has been published it can be used in campaigns, but note that campaigns will not automatically receive updates to a template. In order to prevent accidentally breaking existing templates with an update, pushing changes to templates used in existing campaigns requires clicking the Update Automators Using Template button in the Template Editor (available once a template has been published). That will show you the campaigns that will be updated, and allow you to update them to use the latest version of the template. New campaigns will start using the latest version of the template as soon as changes have been saved to a published template.
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