Template Management Documentation

Creating a New Template 

To create a new template, first navigate to Campaigns > Template Management from the top menu bar. Then click New Template. You'll be prompted to choose a name for your template, and then will be launched into the Template Editor screen.

Alternatively, on the Template Management screen, you can choose Duplicate from the actions menu of an existing template to create a copy of that template and use it as a starting point. Please note that Duplicate is only available for templates with the Universal layout type, as they're compatible for all automators.

Editing an Existing Template 

To edit the contents of an existing template, from the Template Management page, either hit the Edit button for the template, or click on the name of the template. You can also choose Rename from the action menu to rename an existing template.

Updating Campaigns Using The Template 

In order to prevent accidentally breaking existing templates with an update, pushing changes to templates used in existing campaigns requires clicking the Update Automators Using Template button in the Template Editor or in the Template Management action menu (this option is only available once a template has been published). That will show you the campaigns that will be updated, and allow you to update them to use the latest version of the template. New campaigns will start using the latest version of the template as soon as changes have been saved to a published template.  You can also see the list of connected campaigns by hovering over the Connected Campaign count in the Template Management screen.

Upgrading To Universal Template 

If you had WhatCounts create templates for your store prior to January 2018, you may have some templates in your Template Management screen with the Predictive or Retention layout types. These layout types are limited to use in only specific campaign types. Before they can be used in all campaign types or duplicated to serve as the starting point for new campaigns, they must be updated to support between 0 and 6 dynamic products (Universal template type). If you have updated the template, you can upgrade to the Universal template type by choosing Upgrade To Universal Template Type from its Action menu on the Template Management screen.

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