Setting Up Custom Fields

If you have custom fields in your ecommerce platform, you can bring that data into WhatCounts by creating and connecting custom fields from this section. Custom field data will be available to power segments and automator campaigns.

Adding a Custom Field 

To add a custom field, go to your Store Settings page and choose Edit from the custom fields section. On the Custom Fields page, click the button to Register a Custom Field and complete the following information:

  • Name in Ecommerce platform: As it appears in your ecommerce platform
  • Display Name: How you would like the field to display in WhatCounts
  • Association: Select the type of field: for example, order, customer, or products. (Note: some platforms are not fully supported on all three types of custom fields. If not supported, the type will not be clickable). 
  • Type: If the custom field is a text, date, integer field etc.

Check the box to send this field your email platform if desired. 

If this is a new field, it will begin to populate the following day in your email platform. If this is a field which already existed and needs to be populated for all clients, contact our support team and they can update the complete database.

WhatCounts also supports creating a merge tag off of a custom field so that you can include this recipient-specific data in your campaign copy. Click here to learn more about merge tags.

Common Questions About Custom Fields 

Question: Is there a specific number or a limit to the number of custom fields WhatCounts can pull in from my e-commerce software?
Answer: No, there is no limit to the number of custom fields we can pull in.

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