Expired Segments

What are expired segments?

Expired segments are segments that are built using Browse Behavior fields and whose logic has past the point where WhatCounts is still processing the browse behavior data. For example, if your segment is processing site browsers who visited a certain product page between November 1-30, and the date is December 5, this segment would be considered an expired segment since its logic is no longer able to be processed — the audience will not change.

How long does WhatCounts store Browse Behavior data?

By default, WhatCounts only stores Browse Behavior data for a trailing 30-day period. Data older than 30 days automatically gets removed from our system, replaced by your newest day of Browse Behavior data.

Why does WhatCounts limit how much Browse Behavior data it stores?

Generally speaking, Browse Behavior data becomes less actionable and insightful as time passes. Our research has established that 30 days is the most acceptable time to begin dropping data off. Once 30 days passes, order data becomes a more accurate way to target potential recipients and trigger messages to them.

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