Products Overview

Your product data is a vital component the success of your retention marketing efforts. That’s why WhatCounts provides you with a detailed Products section within our platform that presents meaningful insights about your most popular products.

WhatCounts presents your top 25 products based on a variety of factors, which you can filter and sort using the dropdown menu and sort functions of the Products table. The table also presents data for both your product categories as defined in your eCommerce software.

You can filter and sort products and categories based on:

  • AOV - The average order value for orders that include the product in question
  • CLV - The average customer lifetime value for customers who purchase the product in question
  • Revenue - The revenue total (before discounts) you have received from sales of the product in question
  • % Loyal - The percentage of customers who have purchased the product in question who who are loyal customers (have made 3+ purchases)
  • Quantity - Total number of units of the product in question that have been sold
  • Orders - Total number of orders that contained the product in question

Data you surface in the Products table can be exported to a .csv file using the download icon in the top-right corner of the table.

Common Questions About Products in WhatCounts Predictive 

Question: If I have multiple versions of product images hosted on my site, can WhatCounts use a larger or smaller size of an image?
Answer: Yes, as long the aspect ratio is the same. Additionally, WhatCounts recommends that the horizontal pixel count not exceed 800.

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