Opportunities and Milestones


WhatCounts empowers retailers by surfacing useful data and performance metrics. We highlight insights using Opportunities and Milestones; these in-app callouts draw attention to meaningful retention marketing opportunities and ways to capitalize on them.


Opportunities, noted by a light bulb icon, are "bright ideas" for you to enhance your WhatCounts experience and potentially improve your ROI. For instance, you may discover untapped revenue by creating additional customer segments or incorporating another automator. You will see Opportunities presented at the top of your Dashboard, at the top of the Campaigns page, and in your WhatCounts Daily Emails. For Opportunities promoting our Best Customer, First Purchase, Replenishment, and Win Back automators, you might see versions that offer revenue predictions, giving you a clear idea of the benefit of running these automators and what we predict you will earn by setting them up and launching them. These revenue predictions are founded in data science analysis of our automators' performance and your customers' purchase history.


Milestones, like the checkered flag icon in their display, indicate that you have just accomplished something. Whether it’s a new high in revenue or exceeding a previously held retention rate, WhatCount's Milestones are designed to give you insight into your performance and let you know when you’ve achieved something worth celebrating. Milestones can be holistic, such as new highs in Customer Lifetime Value or passing your industry’s benchmark in retention rate, but they can also be campaign-specific, such as when your Replenishment campaign exceeds $100,000 in revenue. You can find Milestones at the top of your Dashboard and Campaigns page, but also contextually on the Campaigns page.
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