Pricing and Promotion

The Pricing & Promotion panel helps you determine your top promotions across three dimensions: Duration, Frequency, and Intensity. Use the date and segment filters at the top of the page to see how pricing & promotion results are influenced by specific campaigns and/or timeframes. (You can always download this data as a .csv file using the download icon.)

​Using Pricing & Promotion data to improve your marketing 

Pricing & Promotion metrics allow you to review the performance of your top 10 coupons and how they contributed to your Average Order Value. By comparing quality and quantity in the same view, you can see which promotions resonated most with customers, and which promotions had the biggest effect on revenue.  Did a 25% discount during Black Friday get a lot of redemptions and drive revenue? Then you may want to do that again next year, or apply that promotion at another time.

Common questions about Pricing & Promotion 

Question: How can I view specific group’s Pricing and Promotion?
Answer: Use the segment selector at the top of the page to filter data using segments you've built with the Segment Builder.  

Question: Can I download a list of customers who have used these coupons?
Answer: Not from the Insights page. Using the Segment Builder, you can segment customers who have used specific coupons and download their information from the Segments page.

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