Traffic Source

The Traffic Source panel helps you determine which traffic channels (such as email, organic search, etc) are the most or least effective for driving traffic to your site. Use the date and segment filters at the top of the page to see how traffic is influenced by specific campaigns and/or timeframes. (You can always download this data as a .csv file using the download icon.)

Using traffic source data to improve your marketing 

Understanding which traffic sources are more valuable than others is a great way to optimize your acquisition marketing. Even though WhatCounts is focused on retention marketing, we recognize the value of acquisition; you can’t be retained unless you’ve been acquired! We surface this data to help you make the best decisions about where you should allocate your marketing spend. Using this data, you can make more educated decisions about where your marketing dollars can be spent most effectively. 

Please note: Our Traffic Source graphs only track the acquisition traffic source. This means the data only represents the source for a customer's initial purchase, but not any subsequent purchases. We do this because how your customers found you the first time — the acquisition method — is more valuable to you as a marketer then how they came to your site to make a purchase the second, third, and beyond times.

Customer Lifetime Value by Acquisition Source is generated by plotting the CLV for customers that purchased within the date range against the traffic source each order within the date range came from. The CLV is across all data available and is not limited to the date range. The date range is used to select which customer's orders are used to identify the traffic sources in the chart.

Common questions about Traffic Source 

Question: How can I view specific group’s Traffic Source?
Answer: Use the segment selector at the top of the page to filter data using segments you've built with the Segment Builder
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