Frequency Caps

An important, often overlooked aspect of email marketing is maintaining an acceptable email cadence — emailing your customers enough to keep them interested, but not so much that they’re overwhelmed by your messages. And since WhatCounts is sending emails for you in addition to those you’re sending through your ESP, it’s important to have a mechanism for managing how many of which kinds of emails go out to your subscribers, and which ones get prioritized. The Manage Email Frequency Capping page in WhatCounts is where you make these determinations.

Campaign Capping 

Your first option is how many campaign emails you want to sending you customers from WhatCounts each week. This number is an important aspect of your WhatCounts Campaign creation workflow. Your customers will be eligible to receive many kinds of WhatCounts campaigns, depending on your criteria and their purchase history and behavior. By putting yourself in your customers’ shoes and setting a hard limit of the maximum number of emails they’re receive from you through WhatCounts, you’re working toward an optimal marketer-customer relationship.

Campaign Priority Rank 

Like it sounds, WhatCounts lets you prioritize which Campaigns take priority over others. All of your Campaigns — regardless of status — are available for prioritization. This ranking combined with your Campaign Capping settings helps determine the order by which your campaign emails will be sent to your customers.

Common Questions About Frequency Caps 

Question: If I have some form of Frequency Capping set up within my ESP and in WhatCounts, which has the control over how many emails get sent?
Answer: The frequency caps set up within your ESP has the ultimate control over how many emails get sent.
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