Tracking Codes

Tracking codes allow us to track the performance of your WhatCounts email campaigns by connecting these campaigns to Google Analytics. In order to ensure we are attributing the correct amount of revenue to your campaigns, it is important that each campaign is assigned the correctly formatted tracking code.

Creating Tracking Codes 

The encoding is an 18+ character string that identifies the date the campaign started, the category, the type, and a series identifier. An example is:
  • WC-20150301-WB-T-3

From this tracking code, we can tell that the email associated is the third email in the retailer's automated Win-Back Series that was implemented on March 03, 2015.

There are 5 components that make up the WhatCounts Tracking Code:

  1. WC - This marks the beginning of the tracking code.
  2. Eight Character Date - The formatting for the date is YYYYMMDD.
  3. Category - The two to three letter abbreviation that goes here identifies the strategy associated with this campaign. For a full list of category abbreviations, see below.
  4. Type - Notes whether the email is Triggered (T), Single Send (S), or Transactional (A).
  5. Series ID - The number that represents which email this is in a series (if there is no series, use "1").

List of Tracking Code Categories 

ACA - Abandoned Cart Anti-Gaming
ACR - Abandoned Cart Removed
ACS - Abandoned Cart Standard
AN - Anniversary
AOV - Based on Average Order Value
BC - Best Customer
BS - Biggest Spender
CB - Category Based
CP - Custom Promo
CS - Cross Sell
FB - Frequecy based
FP - First Purchase
FS - Free Shipping Threshold
GE - Geographical
IAN - Influencer Anniversary
IBC - Influencer Best Customer
IBS - Influencer Biggest Spender
ICB - Influencer Category Based
ICP - Influencer Custom Promo
ICS - Influencer Cross Sell
IFB - Influencer Frequecy based
IFP - Influencer First Purchase
IGE - Influencer Geographical
ILR - Influencer Loyalty / Reward
INP - Influencer No Purchase
IOE - Influencer Other Ecommerce
IOB - Influencer One Time Buyer in last Six Months
IFB - Influcencer Two or More Time Buyers in last 6 months
IPB - Influencer Product Based
IPR - Influencer Product Recommendation
IRP - Influencer Replenishment
IRV - Influencer Review
ISR - Influencer Survey Request
ITY - Influencer Time of Year
IWB - Influencer Newsletter Winback
IWE -  Influencer Welcome
LR - Loyalty / Reward
MS - Missed Shipping
NP - Non Purchaser
OTB - One Time Buyers
PB - Product Based
PR - Product Recommendation
RP - Replenishment
RV - Review
SR - Survey Request
TY - Time of Year
VS - Video Series
WB - Win Back
WE - Welcome

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