Email Merge Tags

While editing the copy for your email, WhatCounts has merge tags available for you to create a personalized and dynamic experience for you customers. We provide 8 unique merge tags listed below.

Email Merge Tag Definition
First Name The email recipient’s first name
Last Name The email recipient’s last name
Full Name The email recipient’s full name
First Product Name The name of the first product displayed in the email
Store Address Address of your store
Store Name Name of your store
Coupon Code Coupon or discount code
Last Product Title The name of the highest priced product form the most recent order

How to use WhatCount’s Merge Tags 

  • In the Edit Copy section of your Automator, select insert merge tag in a content block where merge tags are available. 
  • Use the select button to choose the merge tag desired and fill in a fallback value if needed. 
  • Once, selected, the merge tag will be inserted into your specific content block and dynamically display for your customers. 
  • Keep in mind wherever your cursor is in the content block when you select insert merge tag is where the merge will be inserted.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: What is a Fallback Value?
Answer: If a customer does not have a value for the merge tag you have selected, the fallback value will be used.  For example, if the customer does not have a value for First Name, instead of, “Hello” follow by nothing, you could use the fallback “there’ and it would read, “Hello there”. 

Question: I have a custom merge tag I would like to use, is this possible?
Answer: No, currently this feature is currently not available. 

Question: When I test my email, the coupon code is not showing up correctly. 
Answer: Make sure you have put the coupon you are using in the Coupon Code box on the create emails page of your automator.

Question: Can I make merge tags off of product-based custom fields? 
Answer: Yes, you can. This functionality is currently supported, but only in custom templates created for you by the WhatCounts Design Services team.

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