Redirect Mode

Redirect Mode allows you activate automator campaigns so that emails normally sent to customers are instead redirected to the email address(es) specified.  As such, no customers will receive emails while a campaign is in Redirect Mode. This allows you to view real customer emails to make sure the template styling, copy, and products are rendering appropriately. 

Due to the likelihood that the inbox receiving  the redirected emails will quickly be flooded with emails, we recommend either:

  • activating in Redirect Mode for a short time in order to receive a good sample size of emails and then pausing the campaign 
  • creating a new email address that serves as a repository for the redirected emails 

Once you have reviewed the redirected emails and you're ready to send emails to customers, open the dropdown menu on the Campaigns page and click the 'Activate to Customers' button.

Note: emails that are sent while the campaign is in Redirect Mode are counted as 'sends' in your ESP, even though customers did not receive them. While minor, this may impact your Open/Click metrics.

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