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    Acknowledge your most valuable customers automatically with a Best Customer campaign. Send follow-ups to thank them for their purchase, recognize their importance to your business, and show them they are not just seen as a regular customer, but someone special.
  • Biggest Spender
    Knowing that a significant portion of your revenue comes from a small cohort of customers, send an email when a customer has crossed a key spending threshold. Automatically thank them for their purchase, recognize their importance to your business, and call out key offerings, support, resources, or information that is useful to customers who place large orders.
  • Browse Abandonment Automator
    WhatCount’s Browse Abandonment automator targets customers who browse your website without buying a product or adding products to their shopping cart.
  • Cart Recovery Automator
    WhatCount’s Cart Recovery automator re-engage customers who have added items to their cart but not completed the checkout process.
  • First Purchase Automator
    A First Purchase Campaign will help you welcome new customers and begin a strong, long-lasting relationship. Automatically thank new customers for their purchase, recognize their importance to your business, and introduce them to who you are and what they have to look forward to.
  • Gift Event Reminder
    WhatCount’s Gift Event Reminder automator targets customers that made a purchase predicted to have been a gift purchase within the user-specified timeframe to encourage them to make an additional gift purchase in a timely manner.
  • New Product Release
    To generate interest, announce the release of a new product that is similar to a product the customer previously bought, or simply feature a new product that you believe will fly off the shelves. By keeping your customer base attuned to additions and changes to your product catalog, you’re doing the legwork to ensure their interest is always piqued by your offerings.
  • Next Order Reminder
    This automator allows you to trigger relevant and timely messages to your customers based on their Predicted Next Order Date. Setting up this automated campaign is a great way to encourage repurchases when WhatCount's algorithms suggest they are most likely to buy.
  • Post Purchase Thank You
    Make your customers feel appreciated be sending a note after they make a purchase. For a more personalized approach, set up multiple campaigns for each of the purchases in their lifecycle. For instance, send a special message to “2nd Time Buyers” to help grow the relationship, or to “1st Time Buyers” to welcome them as a customer and offer incentives toward future purchases.
  • Product Education
    These campaigns allow you to educate customers on recent purchases by sharing helpful product copy or special product-related content, such as a link to a video that pertains to product education, tips for product care, FAQs, and how-to guides. These campaigns can be an effective way to stay engaged with your customers by providing helpful content and product upsell opportunities.
  • Purchase Anniversary
    Remind the customer it’s an anniversary of their first purchase to say thanks and invite them to come back. Tailor your message and promotions for different anniversaries to keep customer engagement high. Anniversary emails are a proven way to keep customers engaged and to set your emails apart from others in their inbox.
  • Replenishment Automator
    WhatCount’s Replenishment automator maximizes purchases of replenishable products by sending customers personalized reminders based on their individual consumption patterns.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder
    WhatCounts data-driven campaigns can now be accessed and set up within Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder. Easily create Journeys leveraging WhatCount’s predictive, data-driven campaigns, all while managing content setup and execution directly within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
  • Top Recommendations
    This automated campaign is a great way to encourage repeat purchases. Using WhatCount's industry-leading data science to surface a variety of relevant recommendations to your customers, even if it's outside of their normal buying cycle.
  • Win Back Automator
    The Win Back Automator automatically targets previous customers who have not made a purchase recently. You can customize the parameters of the campaign to suit your customer profile and re-engage the target audience with a specially crafted offer.
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