Browse Abandonment Automator

Setting up a Browse Abandonment Automator

WhatCount’s Browse Abandonment automator targets customers who browse your website without buying a product or adding products to their shopping cart.

Important: Browse Abandonment requires the installation of WhatCount’s Behavioral Track & Trigger JavaScript code on your site before you can activate this automator.

1 - Assign Recipients

The default recipients for a Browse Abandonment automator are all eligible buyers. 

You can customize the audience for your Browse Abandonment campaign by clicking the select menu next to “Send this Campaign to” and selecting the option Custom Segment. Use the segment builder to create conditions to narrow your audience. (Read more about how to use the WhatCounts Segment Builder.)

2 - Set Triggers

Browse Abandonment emails can be triggered in several possible ways.

  • The number of times the potential recipient viewed the same product
  • The number of times the potential recipient viewed products within the same category
  • Whether or not a potential recipient used your site’s search functionality
  • The amount of time the potential recipient spent on a product or category page

You can target a Browse Abandonment email based on one or more trigger criteria. WhatCounts will respect your overall frequency cap settings across all your automators. Learn more about frequency caps.

3 - Build & Schedule Emails

Fill in your campaign’s From Address and From Name. You must use a From Address that has been validated by your email service provider in order for emails, including test emails, to successfully send. 

Write the subject line for your email(s) and schedule when you would like customers to receive them. You can also add additional emails to your campaign on this page by clicking the Add an Email link.

Select and customize a template for each email in your series. Additional emails will inherit styles from Email 1, but they can also be customized as needed. Read more about customizing email templates in WhatCounts.

4 - Review Emails

Review your email content and send conditions one last time. Send test emails to yourself or other stakeholders. Choose whether or not you want want to sync the Campaign's audience to a Facebook Custom Audience. When you are ready to activate the campaign, click the “Activate Your Automator” button. Otherwise, click the “I don’t want to activate this automator yet” link to return to the Campaigns page

If you have not installed the WhatCount's Behavioral Track & Trigger JavaScript code onto your site, this step will remind you to do so. If it’s already installed, this step will confirm if it was installed successfully.

Answers to Common Browse Abandonment Questions

For questions relating to cookies and Behavioral Track & Trigger installation, click here.

Question: Where can I find documentation for the Behavior Track & Trigger JavaScript code?
Answer: Everything you need is at WhatCount’s Behavioral Track & Trigger JavaScript code.

Question: Why does the Browse Abandonment solution use both JavaScript and a direct integration to capture data?
Answer: We use both JavaScript and direct integrations to obtain a more complete dataset. For instance, the JavaScript captures the basics of the actual cart functionality (products left in cart, those taken out of cart, products converted, etc). The direct feed gives us everything else (order info, product catalog, customer list, etc).

Question: Why is my Browse Abandonment automator not sending any emails?
Answer: Ensure that you are using a validated email address as your From Address and that you have included address information for your store address. Check that your Behavioral Track & Trigger code is functioning properly by reviewing the documentation. Check your automator setup to see if your triggers are too narrow. Also, ensure that you have added the appropriate merge tags to your ESP-driven emails to capture a wider swath of potential recipients. Finally, make sure that your frequency cap settings are not deprioritizing Browse Abandonment emails.
Question: What happens if a recipient makes a purchase from my Browse Abandonment email and there are emails following it in the series?
Answer: If a recipient made a purchase from a Browse Abandonment email, they will be removed from the series and will not receive additional emails from that series.

Question: How does WhatCounts handle a case when multiple products or multiple categories were browsed?
Answer: WhatCounts prioritizes the products and/or categories that were viewed most often and most recently. For products, the ones that were viewed last in the session are weighted higher than the ones that were viewed first. For categories, the algorithm prioritizes recency and frequency.

Question: If a customer browses a product and then abandons a cart for the same product they browsed, will they receive and Browse Abandonment and Cart Recovery email or will WhatCounts know they have put the product in the cart and only send the Cart Recovery email?
Answer: As long as the Cart Recovery Automator is set up to trigger first, or if both are set to trigger at the same time and the Cart Recovery Automator has a higher rank, then the product will only be shown in a Cart Recovery email.

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