Configuring campaigns in Journey Builder


WhatCounts data-driven campaigns can now be accessed and set up within Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey Builder. Easily create Journeys leveraging WhatCount’s predictive, data-driven campaigns, all while managing content setup and execution directly within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. 

How it Works

  1. Configurations of data-driven campaigns are set up in WhatCounts using a unique workflow specifically for Journey Builder
  2. Retailer sets up the Journey in Salesforce Marketing Cloud based on the marketing objectives (e.g. activities, rules, etc.)
  3. All campaign content (copy, creative, etc.) is set up within Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  4. When a customer meets the campaign criteria, an “event” is triggered. WhatCounts sends that event to Journey Builder.
  5. Journey Builder completes the activities based on the setup.


Once a Journey Builder campaign is configured and activated in WhatCounts, events are sent Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a data extension Entry Event. To create a new Journey utilizing events from WhatCounts, complete the following steps:

Note: the configuration of sending WhatCounts campaign events to Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a data extension must be set up by WhatCounts prior to completing the following steps.

Create Attribute Group 

  1. On the Salesforce Marketing Cloud dashboard, go to "Audience Builder" > "Contact Builder".
  2. On the "Attribute Groups" page, click "+ Create Attribute Group".
  3. Give the Attribute Group a unique name, choose an icon, and click the "Create" button.
  4. Click the "Link Data Extension" button.
  5. Drill down into the "Data Extensions" folder and select the data extension (Hint: it is the same name as the campaign created in WhatCounts).
  6. In the drop-down menu above the selected data extension, change the selected value from "One" to "Many".
  7. Under "Customer Data", click "Contact Key".
  8. Under the selected data extension, click "EmailAddress".
  9. Click "Save". Click "Done" on the "Verify Your Change" pop-up warning.

Create the Journey 

  1. In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, go to Journey Builder and select "New Journey".
  2. Select "Event" from the Entry Sources section and drag it to start the Journey.
  3. Click "Configure" to define the entry source.
  4. Select the event Entry Source (Hint: it is the same name as the campaign created in WhatCounts).
  5. Add additional attributes, if applicable, then click "Next". 
  6. Click "Done".
  7. Proceed to build out the Activities of the Journey based on your needs for the campaign.
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