Coupon Codes

WhatCounts supports the inclusion of both static and unique coupon codes in automator emails. Depending on your marketing goals, either of these options gives you the ability to offer a coupon to your recipients that can help encourage a purchase. Your coupon codes can be managed by selected the "Coupon Codes" option from the app's Settings dropdown menu.

Static Coupon Codes 

The use case for static coupon codes in emails is a popular one for email marketers. Static coupon codes — such as FREESHIPPING or 15OFF — are easy for consumers to remember and they require very little additional development work within your eCommerce platform. Unfortunately, their downside is well-documented. In addition to being easier to guess during the checkout process, they are commonly added to websites dedicated to aggregating available and live coupons across a wide variety of online retailers. That is why many eCommerce platforms offer the ability to create unique coupon codes, which can be imported into WhatCounts.

Unique Coupon Codes 

Unique coupon codes are exactly what they sound like — coupon codes that are distributed to email recipients on an individual basis and are unique to that recipient. Many eCommerce platforms — such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and IBM Websphere — feature the ability to generate a batch of unique coupon codes. In WhatCounts, that batch can be imported as a .csv file by clicking the Add New Coupon button at the top of the Coupon Codes page.

Tips for .csv file upload

  • Add a header row to your .csv file that contains the words "coupon code" to ensure proper batch uploading.
  • Consider including a standard prefix or unifying format to your unique coupon code batches to make segmentation easier.
    • Example: All coupon codes in an April 2017 batch begin with APR17 (i.e., APR17-5u430ke).

Once you import a batch of coupons, you can also apply a Fallback Code to that batch. A Fallback Code is a static coupon code that can be applied to a batch of unique coupon codes that WhatCounts can fallback to when your batch of unique coupons has run out. Whatever Fallback Code you choose needs to be activated within your eCommerce platform for the code to work.

WhatCounts also gives you the option of notifying users once the unique coupon codes in your batch drop below a certain number, a number you can determine in our UI. Just click on the Manage button and enter a quantity and as many email addresses you want to be notified that you're running low. If a user receives this notification, they can easily upload a new .csv file of unique coupon codes to the same batch.

Please Note: Running Campaigns in Redirect Mode will cause unique coupons from your batch to be used. Sending test sends of a Campaign will populate the next available Unique Coupon Code, but it will not actually use the code. We do not currently support revenue tracking for Unique Coupon Codes.

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