Magento 2.0

If WhatCounts has directly provided you with the extension (i.e. you did not download it from Marketplace), you may install it manually by completing the following steps:

1) Extract the contents of the plugin file in a directory which the Magento user has access.

2) Edit composer.json under "repositories"

a) Add to the json object in the file:


"type": "vcs",

"url": "<replace this with the path to the extracted contents>"


b) Under "require" add:

"whatcountspredictive/module-integration": "dev-master"

3) Run the following commands in the magento directory:

composer update
php bin/magento cache:flush
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy (if needed)

4) Restart web services. This will vary from server to server, but an example is:

service nginx stop
service php-fpm-5.6 stop
service php-fpm-5.6 start
service nginx start

API Credentials 

1) In your Magento2 Admin Panel, navigate to System ► Integrations

2) Click "Add New Integration" button

3) Under "Integration Info"

  • Set the Name to "WhatCounts Predictive"
  • Set email to "" where yourstorename is a brief name of your store or business (it helps us recognize what store is sending us an alert)
  • Enter "Your Password" to confirm the changes and hit "Save"

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 10.21.50.png

4) Under "API" set the Resource Access to "All" and hit "Save"


There will be four keys created by this process that we will need to complete the integration, found under "Integration Details" (Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token, Access Token Secret). Please securely send these to your WhatCounts contact (using if possible so as to avoid sending these in a plaintext email).

Privacy Law Compliance 

Each Customer is responsible for obtaining the requisite consent in accordance with applicable law from its customers and third parties for us to collect and use the Target Data as necessary for the provisioning of the WhatCounts Services. Customer is solely responsible for the quality, accuracy, and legality of the Target Data provided to WhatCounts by or on behalf of the Customer; and the means by which Customer acquired such Target Data.  Unless otherwise specifically disclosed to and agreed to by WhatCounts, the Target Data provided by Customer shall not include any sensitive or special personal data that imposes specific data security or data protection obligations on WhatCounts that are different or in addition to those specified in the written agreement(s) between the parties and the WhatCounts Privacy Policy.

By providing this data you acknowledge that the data you are providing is in compliance with the written agreement(s) between the parties and our privacy policy.

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