We need to get connected to your Shopify account so we can begin pulling your ecommerce data. Before you can authenticate a private app to Shopify, you need to generate the required credentials from the Shopify admin of the store that you want to connect with your app.

To generate the required credentials:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Apps.

  2. Click Manage private apps.

  3. Click Create new private app.

  4. In the Description section, enter a WhatCounts Integration.

  5. In the Contact email section, enter (IE -

  6. In the Permissions section, select the areas of your store that you want the app to be able to access. Windsor Circle will need read access for all permissions.

    • Note: Windsor Circle does NOT need access to the Storefront API

  7. When you're done, click Save. The API key and password for your app are now displayed on screen.

  8. Send WhatCounts the API Key, Password, and your Store URL via PrivNote.


Treat the API key and password like you would any other password, since whoever has access to these credentials has full API access to the store.


Privacy Law Compliance

Each Customer is responsible for obtaining the requisite consent in accordance with applicable law from its customers and third parties for us to collect and use the Target Data as necessary for the provisioning of the WhatCounts Services. Customer is solely responsible for the quality, accuracy, and legality of the Target Data provided to WhatCounts by or on behalf of the Customer; and the means by which Customer acquired such Target Data.  Unless otherwise specifically disclosed to and agreed to by WhatCounts, the Target Data provided by Customer shall not include any sensitive or special personal data that imposes specific data security or data protection obligations on WhatCounts that are different or in addition to those specified in the written agreement(s) between the parties and the WhatCounts Privacy Policy.

By providing this data you acknowledge that the data you are providing is in compliance with the written agreement(s) between the parties and our privacy policy.

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