Category Repurchasing

Setting up a Category Repurchasing Automator 

WhatCount’s Category Repurchasing automator maximizes purchases from your repurchasable categories by sending customers personalized reminders based on the likelihood that they are due to repurchase from a particular category within the next 30 days.

This automator is ideal for retailers that sell products that are often repurchased regularly without needing to be replaced. Examples include: Apparel and Accessories, Footwear, Electronics, Athletic Equipment, Sporting Goods, Books / Music / DVDs, and Home Decorations / Furnishings.

1 - Assign Recipients 

The default recipients for a Category Repurchasing automator are all eligible buyers. 

You can customize the audience for your Repurchasing campaign by clicking the select menu next to “Send this Campaign to” and selecting the option Custom Segment. Use the segment builder to create conditions to narrow your audience. (Read more about how to use the WhatCounts Segment Builder.)

2 - Select Categories 

WhatCounts uses a proprietary algorithm to identify repurchasable categories based three distinct factors:

  1. Repurchasability - How many repurchases took place from a category in the past 12 months
  2. Repurchase Revenue - How much revenue was observed from the previous 12 months of repurchases from a category
  3. Cohesion - How many products are in a category and how does that compare to your largest category (in terms of product volume)

These three factors are combined into a metric called Repurchase Rank, which is surfaced to you on the Category Selection step of the Category Repurchasing automator workflow. By default, categories are sorted by Repurchase Rank, from best to worst. You will also see Repurchase Revenue and Number of Repurchases as a metrics for each category. 

The Category Selection page also allows you to search based on keyword. For example, searching for "Denim" will filter all categories to ones that include in the word "Denim."

You can select up to 25 categories for a single Category Repurchasing Automator.

How Should I Select Categories? 

The categories you select for a given automator are entirely dependent on your goals for the campaign. However your goal should be to select categories with a high repurchase rank that correlate to high repurchase behavior or significant realized repurchase revenue.

Similar categories can be combined together for a single automated campaign:

Whereas dissimilar categories should be broken out into separate campaigns:

3 - Build & Schedule Emails 

Fill in your campaign’s From Address and From Name. You must use a From Address that has been validated by your email service provider in order for emails, including test emails, to successfully send. 

Write the subject line for your emails and schedule when you would like customers to receive them. By default, there will be one automated email. You can add a second and third emails to the series to further encourage a repurchase using the ‘Add an email’ link.

Select and customize a template for each email in your series. Additional emails will inherit styles from Email 1, but they can also be customized as needed. Read more about customizing email templates in WhatCounts.

We recommend using the Smart Send option so that customers receive emails at the same time of day they made a purchase. If you prefer to send at a specific time, use the Email Optimization page in the Insights section of WhatCounts to determine best sending times.

4 - Review Emails 

Review your email content and send conditions one last time. Send test emails to yourself or other stakeholders. Choose whether or not you want want to sync the Campaign's audience to a Facebook Custom Audience. When you are ready to activate the campaign, click the “Activate Your Automator” button. Otherwise, click the “I don’t want to activate this automator yet” link to return to the Campaigns page

Commonly Asked Questions About Category Repurchasing Campaigns 

Question: Why can't I select all my categories?
Answer: We limit the number of categories that can be selected for a given automator to 25. Category Repurchasing campaigns should be targeted and content tailored marketing copy and content. Therefore you should consider building campaign templates that are customized as opposed to one-size-fits-all.

Question: When can I expect emails to start sending after I activate the campaign?
Answer: Recipients are dictated by the segment you are sending the emails to. Emails will be triggered to them when our algorithm determines they are most likely to repurchase from the selected categories within the next 30 days. This means that you won't necessarily see many emails go out at once, but rather will see emails sending consistently over time.

Question: How is the predicted repurchase date determined?
Answer: We use customers' purchase and repurchase histories to determine when repurchases are most likely to occur. Our algorithm is designed to continually adjust as customer behavior changes.

Question: How many Category Repurchasing campaigns can I create?
Answer: There is no limit to the number of Category Repurchasing campaigns you can create. Some categories are more repurchasable than others, so we encourage you to focus your efforts on them. We have surfaced Repurchase Rank on the Category Selection page to help you identify your most repurchase categories.

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