Version 15.17 - September 3, 2020

15.17.00 - 09/3/2020

The 15.17.00 release includes an updated Dashboard, Relational Subscriber Import and some bug fixes.

New Features

  • New Dashboard
    • With this release, we have made some updates to the Dashboard to improve your experience. This is the first phase of several changes we will be making.

      This round of updates to the Dashboard consolidates screens with updating Recent Work and Scheduled Events. Additionally we have removed misleading information regarding opens and clicks. Not to worry, you can still access the overview pages from the dashboard to view open and click data!

  • FTP: Relational Subscriber Import
    • We have also updated the process for Subscriber Imports via the FTP accompanied by a Relational Import. Previously, the Relational Import could begin importing before the Subscriber Import was finished. Because of this, any new subscribers or existing subscribers with data to be updated that are intended to be imported before the Relational Import process begins, might not be created or updated before the Relational Import process starts.

      Up until now, this process performed differently than through the UI, where a check is in place to ensure all Subscriber Imports are complete before a Relational Import begins. Now with this feature, both processes work the same, regardless of whether through the UI or FTP.


  • None


  • Segmentation: 
    • Using numbers in copy of rule results in error

      An error was thrown "Segmentation rule could not be saved. Special characters (other than - _ and space) are not permitted.

      With this release, we have corrected the issue to follow the segmentation naming conventions we recently updated in v.15.12

    • Apostrophe in name causes Copy and Delete links to not function

      Nothing was happening but now the error message will pop up saying a name without special characters is needed. 

  • Campaign Details Reporting was not available for users with a Monitor Permission. Permission settings were updated so that the "monitor" permission doesn't keep support users from accessing reports.


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