Version 15.18.00 - October 1, 2020

15.18.00 - 10/01/2020

The 15.18.00 release includes several bug fixes.


New Features

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  • With this release, data will now pulled from both tracking_delivery table and tracking_api_delivery when running list bounces via the REST API. 
  • When creating an FTP API import file with relationalsub, an Error logged "Ambiguous column name 'email'".  With this release, the import will no longer log this error. 

  • An error would occur when trying to save a Standard Segmentation Rule using one of the fields for Browser, Client Type, or OS Name that have a drop down list. This release fixed this so that no error occurs when trying to save such a segment.

  • This release resolved an issue where with accounts utilizing Customer Key, the Customer Key field was not populating in a template when using the FTP:API for Send or Subscribe and Send commands. 


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