Version 15.19- October 15, 2020

15.19.00 - 10/15/2020

The 15.19.00 release introduces Webhook URLs and several bug fixes. 

New Features

  • With this release, we are introducing Webhook URLs. The feature will make an API call back to a client-defined target each time a (defined) event occurs in the WhatCounts' platform. Webhooks allow a more real-time integration with the WhatCounts platform by allowing clients to receive data.


  • With this release, for both the template and layout editors, the default Media Manager image path will now be HTTPS in the Image Properties modal once SSL cert is installed.


  • With this release, we fixed an issue where Browse Behavior Segmentation fields were only appearing for WhatCounts Employees. The fields are now visible to all users that have the Browse Behavior functionality turned on.
  • Unicode characters were not displaying in unicode custom fields. With this release, custom fields will be populated with unicode characters. 
  • The Template Preview Screen was fixed to no longer cut off the Preview of the template.


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