Version 15.20- January 14, 2021

15.20.00 - 01/14/2021

Our 15.20 was the last of the year but release on January 14th, 2021 and included several UI improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • None 


  • With this release, we made several changes to the Coupon Manager to improve the overall experience and workflow:
    • Convert Button to Drop-down on Progress Modal
    • Add the Ability to Edit From Progress Screen
    • Add the Ability to Create From Progress Screen
    • Ensure multiple Batch Adds works with same coupon ID
  • Product Layout: We have updated the Image URLs so that Default image path in Image Properties appears as https
  • Scheduled Event Report (by Event Date): The report did not display columns with URL Name or Tracking URL. These columns will now appear for 'Clicked on URL' events.


  • Subscriber Details: Events tab shows bounce details in unexpected rows

    Events such as Clicked, Open, and Sent Message were appearing in addition to the Soft Bounce. Now only Bounce events will appear in the proper row. 

    Event Detail for some bounces were being displayed incorrectly. We updated to show the proper category for a bounce.

  • Create N-way: Generated Segmentation Rules are named using special characters

    Since we no longer allow special characters in manually created segmentation names, we no longer will generate N Way segment names to include special characters

  • Updated the Current Tasks page as no tasks were appearing
  • Realm Edit: The Deliverability checkbox was missing for Super User, non-employees so we added the checkbox back for this permission
  • Realm Create: VMTAs were not inherited when a PLA creates child realm so they were showing up blank. We have fixed this with this release. 
  • Template: The Save button was not saving the Template and so the template wouldn't be created. We have no resolved this issue.


  • None
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