Version 16.00- January 14, 2021

16.00.00 - 01/14/2021

Our 16.00.00 release is the first of the 2021 year and includes changes such as Subscriber to Contact, Send Test and Preview from the Create Template page and the deprecation of Phases/ Types/ Categories. We also worked on a few improvements and bugs in this release.

New Features

  • Subscriber to Contact Nomenclature Change- In the initial phase of this change, we have converted “Subscriber” to “Contact” throughout the user interface. Changes will be limited to those within the application interface. Any changes which affect imports, tasks, or task history will be in a second phase. 
  • Send Test and Preview- As part of our Cart Recovery functionality that will be released later this quarter, we have improved the user experience by adding both a Send Test and Preview option directly from the Create Template page. You will no longer have to go to the Task Navigation menu to Test a Template or preview their message prior to sending. 
  • Custom Field Migration-With this change, Customers using new custom fields in segmentation rules where the Operator is Not EqualNot Like or Not In, will experience a change in how we calculate the results of the rule. This will have no effect on old Custom fields. Currently, if a rule has a “Not” operator, it will specifically calculate everyone who meets the criteria but wouldn’t calculate anyone with a null value. As an example, if you have the following segment rule: 
  • State “Not equal” to New Jersey 
    The rule would calculate everyone where the State equals any of the other states but would ignore anyone with a blank State value. With this change, we will now also calculate Null values as part of the segmentation rule. Users who decide that they do not want this change in how their segmentation rule is calculated, will need to add an additional criterium to not include Null Values. Using the 
    example above, they would add the following:  
    State “Not equal” to New Jersey 
    State “IS NOT NULL”. 


  • Deprecate Phases/ Types / Categories- As the second phase of Labels Management. we are officially deprecating phases, types and categories. All instances of these will be removed from the site and any phases, types or categories will be migrated to Labels.
  • We made several UI changes to Coupon Manager including:
    • Updated the Coupon Batch CTA
    • Updated the Add Coupon Batch Modal Header
    • Updated the Edit Coupon Batch Modal Header


  • Announcements
    • Announcements were taking approximately up to 15 minutes to display on glider pages. We have resolved this so announcements should appear immediately. 
    • Announcements wouldn't remain closed. Now once closed, the announcement will remain closed unless user clears browser cache.
    • Announcements were showing after they expired or before they were scheduled to appear. We have resolved this issue so that Announcements only appear as scheduled
  • SMS events were not appearing for Subscriber Details. This issue has now been resolved.


  • The Learning Center has been updated to reflect the following

    • Subscriber has been changed to Contact in all instances not including links or table names, etc. 
    • All instances of Phases, Types and Categories have been removed or changed to Label
    • Updates to how Not clauses in Segmentation rules will be calculated. 
    • Updates to the Creating template to refer to the Send Test and Preview.
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