Version 16.01- January 28, 2021

16.01.00 - 01/18/2021

Our 16.01.00 release features our new Webhook Functionality as well as several UI improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • With this release, we are introducing Webhook URLs. The feature will make an API call back to a client-defined target each time a (defined) event occurs in the WhatCounts' platform. Webhooks allow a more real-time integration with the WhatCounts platform by allowing clients to receive data. See below for a link to our Helpdesk article.


  • A series of minor UI changes were made the Recovery Campaign UI to improve usage and adhere to the application style guide. Included are: 
  1. Updates to the Validation page

  2. Updates to lists pages

  3. Color changes

  4. Text changes

  • We added the List/Campaign Name filter to both the Scheduled Campaign Report Wizard and Scheduled Event Report Wizard features per the request of several customers. 


  • Scheduling a deployment through the Calendar (Changing Deploy List from Super to Regular) was  causing Campaign failure. Now deployed messages are sent as expected.
  • Clicking on list name in Recent Campaigns module on the Dashboard  was producing an error. It will now open details for the list.
  • Subscriber Details: Error when selecting 'Clicked on URL' Event

    A blank screen with an error message regarding Unknown Tracking Event was appearing. This has been resolved to know show the details of the click event shown. 

  • Deployed Overview: Wrong day of the week associated with date

    Dates appearing were stuck in 2019 but have been resolved to now show the proper date

  • Phone Number is a required field when creating or editing a user. However, if you edit your user profile using the My Profile page, it allows you to delete the phone number and Save.
  • The "Date Updated" field was not included in the exported file when Exporting Contacts but now will.
  • Copying Template from Product Layout was not copy the association to the Product Layout as it should. This has now been resolved.
  • The Scroll was not working for the Send Test modal but no longer has a scroll in the modal so this is no longer an issue.


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