Version 16.02- February 11, 2021

16.02.00 - 02/11/2021

Our 16.02.00 release focuses on several improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

  • None


  • The following improvements were made to Cart Browse Test Site:

    • Add lower value products
    • Add product status next to each product 
    • Add price/subtotal in the cart portion of the page
    • Make Product portion of page taller
  • We have added an Export button to Stopped Subscribers tab


  • The following changes were made to Product Layout:

    • Paste image causes error and image removal-The image was pasted and grayed out. A green message appears to indicate success, then the pasted image disappears and a red error indicates an error. “Incorrect server response.” It now opens the image in a new tab in the browser but does not try to insert it into the template.
    • WYSIWYG Image Properties modal issues- 

      In the Image Properties modal, the ADVANCED tab was missing, and the UPLOAD tab was missing the two fields to select the folder.

    • WYSIWYG Image Upload error- An error was appearing above the modal: Incorrect Server Response. The file is not uploaded
  • The following updates were made regarding our recent Subscriber to Contact nomenclature change: 

    • Subscriber Details page was changed to Contacts Subscriber page
    • An invalid email address format on the Create Contact page was causing a white page to occur upon Save. This has been resolved. 
    • A duplicate email address format on the Create Contact page was causing a white page to occur upon Save. This has been resolved. 
  • The following updates were made to Cart Recovery Campaign UI:

    • Product Layouts List page was updated to have a "Modified by" column.
    • Users should not be allowed to enter numbers with decimal points in the Cart Value input boxes on the Set Conditions tab of the Recovery Campaign wizard. This has been resolved. 
    • Once you click the Description header on the Product Layout page, no other columns would sort.
    • The Product Layout was allowed to be saved with the space as the name but no longer allows spaces to be saved in the name to follow consistent naming conventions.
  • Recovery Campaign: List selection shows lists from wrong realm / system

    The lists showing were from the Whatcounts realm but now only lists in the realm you are logged into or impersonating should be displayed.

  • If a negative number was added to alert for notifications for coupon batch, the batch is saved with no error. We will now validate the field to prevent negative numbers. Now  an error message will appear on click of Save and display message below text input in red “Please enter a number greater than 0.”
  • Campaign Report, Scheduled Campaign Report and Scheduled Event Report, Event Report

    Report named with a slash never appears in File Manager

    Special characters can not be allowed in report names so they will appear properly

  • Event-Based Segmentation: Validate for special characters in name

    Segmentation rules were being saved with special characters in the name with no error and returns to the list of Segmentation Rules with special character. Now, the rule will not be created. Instead the following error message will appear.

    Segmentation rule could not be saved. Special characters (other than - _ and space) are not permitted.

  • Subscriber Details: SMS Campaign ID shows up as 0

    The campaign ID in Subscriber/Contact Details will now match ID of campaigns sent

  • Campaign Export: "Delivered" export does not pull all subscribers

    All subscribers should now be correctly included in Delivered export.

  • UI: Animation for page loading doesn't stop running in Firefox

    The animation will now stop as expected when the page is loaded. No errors in favicon or osg logo.

  • Admin Messages: System Default: Unsubscribe Link editor breaks ui on page

    The page would load on the editor, but the side and top menus would be missing. This issue has now been resolved.

  • Contact Details: Tabs are blank if switch from Snapshot realm to non Snapshot realm

    If a feature is not enabled for the realm, the Subscriber Details will now default to the User Information tab



  • None 
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