Version 16.03- February 25, 2021

16.03.00 - 02/25/2021

Our 16.03.00 release focuses on bug fixes and UI improvements.

New Features

  • None 


  • Template Tags: "Contact Link" label changed to "Contact Mgmt Link"

  • Import: Save generated error file in Import Errors folder and with meaningful name

  • SMS: Exposed Stopped Subscribers tab to Admin users

  • SMS Overview: Sort campaigns by sent date most recent first by default

  • Template Preview: Add tool tip to "List" selector


  • Contact Details: Incorrect character limit for custom fields
  • The following changes were made to the My Profile page:

    • My Profile: Does not recognize user after first login + pwd change

    • My Profile: Trimming white space causes update error

    • My Profile: Fields do not validate string length correctly

  • Campaign Details: Export Report button not wide enough for all menu items

  • Smart Subscribe Import: Incorrect character limit for custom fields

  • New Angular Pages: Pagination showing incorrect page numbers (Lists and Articles pages)


  • None 
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