Global Opt Out Groups

Customers who want to maintain opt outs across realms can use the Global Opt Out Groups feature. This provides an easier way to maintain the requested subscription removals for Contacts across realms.  A Realm can only be a member of one Global Opt Out Group, but multiple Realms can be part of the same group. 

If you wish to enable Global Opt Out Groups for your Realms, please contact Support. 

To check if a specific Realm is assigned to a Global Opt Out Group, go to CUSTOMER CARE > REALM MANAGEMENT > VIEW REALM.  Scroll to the Configuration section of the Realm Details page and check for Global Opt Out Realm Group.  If the Realm is part of a group, it will indicate Enabled.  The name of the group and the name of other group members is not included.

Opt Outs

Once a realm is added to a Global Opt Out Group, any time a Global Opt Out is created for a Contact (either through a Contact initiated opt out event or through an Admin level Contact change), the opt out request will be added to a queue. Within the next 24 hours, the Contact will also be Globally Opted Out of all other Realms in the group. 

Global Opt Outs from the following sources in any Realm belonging to a group will result in Global Opt Outs for all other members of the group. 

  • UI Generated Global Opt Outs
    • Contact Details Edit, Global Opt Out option
    • Batch Unsubscribe, Global Opt Out option
    • Suppression Wizard, Global Opt Out option
    • Opt Out Wizard, Global Opt Out option
  • API 
    • Unsub with Global Opt Out
  • Contact Initiated
    • Unsubscribe Form or Link where global=true enabled
    • Preference Site Unsubscribe, Global Opt Out option
    • Manual Opt Out via Bounce if Global Opt Out enabled for bounces
  • Campaign 
    • Hard Bounce if Global Opt Out enabled for bounces
    • Abuse Complaint if Global Opt Out enabled for bounces
    • Soft Bounce Threshold if Global Opt Out enabled for bounces
    • Automation Subscription Unsub Global action

In addition, if the Realm is set as "All opt-outs are global", every Contact initiated opt out will be considered Global and will generate an opt out for every Realm in the group, including Unsubscribe Link clicks that are not set to global=true.


To generate a report of Opt Outs:

  2. Click RUN next to Opt Out Report
  3. Enter a Start Date and End Date
  4. From List Name: All Opt Outs, then click NEXT.
  5. Click SUBMIT.
  6. When the report is complete, go to REPORTS > FILE MANAGER, reports folder, and click the file to download/open the report.

No event is tracked for Global Opt Out Group opt outs, so you will see no Events when running an Event Wizard report.

In the Contact Details, Opt Outs tab, the source will appear as Opt Out via Realm Group, indicating a secondary opt out was generated for a subscriber appearing in multiple Realms assigned to a Global Opt Out Group. 


Feature Released in v15.11.00.

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