Version 16.08 - May 06, 2021

16.08.00 - 05/06/2021

Our 16.08.00 release includes bug fixes.  

New Features

  • None


  • Product Feed: Import Categories using API Create/Update for HTTP, Rest, WebServices APIs


  • Automation Overview: Export as CSV fails for parent Automation campaigns

  • Campaign Details: Export creates two folders in File Manager

  • Campaign Report Wizard:

    • Unique open & click counts missing for API campaigns

    • Incorrect Message Sent results returned for API campaigns

  • Standard Report Library, Opt Out Report: Update source for Global Opt Out Group opt outs

  • Overview Reports: Export to File Manager > Reports folder

  • Campaign Details:

    • Export Report needs columns and rows transposed

    • Export should go to Reports folder

  • Domain Report Wizard: Include Blocked Bounces

  • Test List: Update failure notification email subject line to indicate 'Test List'


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