Tracking: Not opened or clicked in X days


How do I create a Segmentation Rule to pull only the contacts who have not opened or clicked in the last 90 days?


The following example uses Standard Segmentation to target the Contacts who have not opened or clicked on any email sent from your realm in the last 90 days.  This Segmentation Rule could easily be modified to target other time periods.

Here's how to set up this Segmentation Rule:

  1. Go to Segmentation > Create Standard Rule
  2. Enter a Name.
  3. Create the first condition that will allow for the necessary nesting of the others:
    • In the Search Fields option in the left navigation enter: email
    • Drag Email Address on to the workspace
    • From the drop-down, select: Is not Null


  4. Create the condition for: opened or clicked
    • In the Search Fields option enter: tracking
    • Drag Tracking Event Type on top of the Email Address condition
      • From the first drop-down, select: In
      • From the next drop-down, select both: Open Message and Clicked on URL
      • NOTE: As long as In is chosen as the operator,  you should be able to select and deselect options in the drop-down by clicking on them.
    • Drag Tracking Event Date on top of the Tracking Event Type condition
      • From the first drop-down, select: Days before
      • Click in the Date field and choose the Today button
      • From the next drop-down, select: Less than or Equal to
      • In the last field, enter: 90

  5. Change the operator between the Tracking Event Type condition and Tracking Event Date condition to AND so they will be evaluated together.
  6. Change the operator between 'Email Is not Null' and the 'open or click' section to NOT so that subscribers who opened or clicked during that period will not be included.

Review operators to make sure they are selected as appropriate. The final rule should look like this:


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