Version 16.12 - July 08, 2021

16.12.00 - 07/08/2021

The 16.12.00 release includes bug fixes.  

New Features

  • None


  • List Matrix - Rows and Columns have been transposed to make reading and sorting easier


  • HTTP API: Subscribe command when "state" is included in the data, but not "city" for existing contacts
  • Automation: Allow to delete List Definitions after an Automation Campaign or Deploy Action has been deleted
  • List Definitions: Grammar error in pop-up
  • Create Realm: Realm Name with too many characters fails with ambiguous error
  • Login: Password pages have different character limitation
  • Preference Sites: Do not clear data from all standard fields when not included in site form
  • Template Preview: Show/Hide Header section


  • None


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