Version 16.13 - July 22, 2021

The 16.13.00 release includes bug fixes and a few improvements.  

New Features

  • None


  • Workflow approval and cancelled confirmation emails. When workflow is sent to multiple email addresses, it is not obvious when the Workflow has been Approved, Resent, or Cancelled. Improvement is to send a notification message to all email addresses on the Workflow list when a Workflow has been Cancelled or Approved, including the email address of the user who approved. Resent messages do not receive a separate notification, but instead simply receive the new Workflow message.
  • Preference Site: Add 'honeypot' captcha support Subscribe Site. Replace the old CAPTCHA method with a hidden honeypot field in the Subscribe and One-Click Subscribe forms
  • Realm Edit: Validate Default Bounce Address tag. If the Default Bounce Address in the Realm Edit page includes the EMAIL_REF tag, validate that the special characters are matched and correctly: ??EMAIL_REF??


  • Edit Super list: Option to reorder Member Lists is missing

  • Edit List: Allow user to select shared templates from parent realm when in a child realm
  • Schedule Deployment: Do not delete label when editing scheduled event and skipping the "Email" step
  • Template Preview: Expand preview area when Preview options are hidden


  • Workflow - Approval update for new notifications

16.13.01 - 07/27/2021

Mid-release patch to fix a single issue


  • Workflow: Approval fails for A/B deployed campaigns

16.13.02 - 08/02/2021

Mid-release patch to fix a single issue


  • Workflow: Multiple approval by multiple users launches duplicate campaign on large realms

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